“The Devil may care, but I do not.”

Creative Director and pocket square aficionado Masato Sano launched his first collection of pocket squares in 2015. Every Devil May Care product is made for the rakish modern gentleman. A man of leisure, who wears a suit and square not for work, but for play.

Devil May Care is deeply rooted in the cosmopolis that is Sydney; its culture, climate and diversity. Sydneyites turn their nose up to stuffy traditionalism, prefering a more laid-back, carefree style that is bold and an expression of self.

Meticulously designed by balancing classic motifs with contemporary themes, each piece is printed using the latest four colour process, crafted from traditional heavy weight silk twill, cut to a full forty by forty centimetre square and hand rolled at the edges.

Devil May Care products can be found in shops and showrooms of Australia’s finest tailors as well as a selection of retailers who serve the rakish modern gentleman.