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Masato Sano

Originally Published on No.Paparazzi Man 5 August, 2015

Luxury Silk Pocket Squares From Devil May Care

We’re always on the search for quality menswear products and we recently came across a new entrant to the men’s accessories market, Devil May Care.

Its luxury silk pocket squares are made for the ‘rakish gentleman’. What is rakish you may ask? Well think back to movies depicting the 1600’s of the aristocratic, womanising man who was carefree, witty and somewhat irresistible. Today you might refer to it as swagger, or a gentleman who dresses well with confidence. Devil May Care refers to rakish as “A man of leisure, who wears a suit and square not for work, but for play.”

Devil May Care’s squares are designed to pimp up your outfit and get you looking sharp for that fun day or night out.

We’re impressed by the size of its squares, a huge 40 cm x 40 cm! The average pocket square dimensions in the market range from 33cm to 36 cm, so you’re really getting some value and quality for the $59 (avg.) price tag.

There’s a range of cool designs from prescription capsules to camouflage dots, and rucola (rocket) leaves to a dozen eggs and not to forget some big houndstooth!

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The range


Blue Rucola


Blue Big Houndstooth


Rucola Square


Red and white bones full view