Article published on Man of Many

Masato Sano

Originally published on Man of Many July 14, 2015

Creative Director and good friend Masato Sano has launched a collection of pocket squares for the rakish modern gentleman under the label Devil May Care. Meticulously designed by balancing classic motifs with contemporary themes, each square is printed using the latest four colour process, crafted from traditional heavy weight silk twill, cut to a full forty by forty centimetre square and hand rolled at the edges. A dozen eggs, prescription medicines, an Italian architect, bones, rocket salad and a little fishing village all inspire their own little silk square. We chat with him on how it all started.


Tell us how Devil May Care came to be? What made you want to start the brand?

Well, let’s start by saying I love pocket squares, I own maybe 20 many of which belonged to my great-grandfather, I consider them to be heirlooms, there was a time where they were a necessary accessory to a suit.

On the high street (maybe the “Pitt street” for us), brands are making pocket squares that are either cut and sewn from pre-printed cotton fabric or making silk squares that are variations of existing designs, basically they’re boring, theres no creativity. Also, tailored dress and by extension accessories for tailored dressing are based in European traditions and design. As much as I love those old modes, I want accessories that reflect me, my lifestyle and my city, Sydney, it’s warm, it’s positive, it’s colourful and above all it’s eclectic.


What was your inspiration some of the designs?

I have a two question checklist when deciding if I’ve designed something that’s right for Devil May Care; “have I seen this before?” and “is it fun?”. As a design methodology, each design mixes something traditional; houndstooth, polka dots, or a grid composition, and breaks it up with something unexpected; scaling up, bright contrasting colours, or weird motifs such as bones, eggs or pills.

What’s the best way to fold a pocket square? (It’s something guys always struggle with!)

For our pocket squares;
1. Close your eyes
2. Pick up the square
3. Stuff it in your breast pocket
4. Adjust

We’re for a carefree attitude to tailored dressing. Folding is for traditionalists.


Any plans for other products other than pocket squares?

Yes. But I can guarantee its not what you’d immediately expect. Ultimately our brand is for a man who wears a blazer or suit when he’s having fun, for play. Expect products (and services) that are fun.

And finally, What are three things you can’t live without?

Coffee, especially after big meals.

Computers, big ones, small ones, they let me do the things I love and not necessarily from the confines of an office.

Creativity, there have been stretches where I’ve been without creativity, the ability to make something new and original, those were the toughest times, it genuinely hurt.