Draft Get Ups

Masato Sano

We love 'baller style, so you can expect to see some more blog posts about the confident and athletic men of the NBA who embody much of what we stand for here at Devil May Care. The 2015 NBA Draft was on Thursday, these are our highlight outfits.

 In no particular order:

Karl-Anthony Towns

First off, we like this jacket.  If you're the number one pick, you can where a pattern like this. Two buttons and patch pockets are a nice touch. Karl keeps colour to a minimum and pairs his clothes with considered accessories.


Bobby Portis

Red was popular early in the draft. Bobby "wore it best" so to speak, a six button double with a good fit with black and white accessories. Deceptively simple and effective.


Sam Dekker

Arguably, this is how you should dress for the NBA draft. Many will say this is a little too conservative for the draft but take a closer look; stripey shirt, paisley tie, dotted square and a check suit. Lots of patterns but held together with a consistent colour palette.


Best of luck to these stars of the future.